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#2122 Jealousy? Rivalry? Laziness? Politics or ego?!!!

Tuesday 8th April, 2014

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Dear Mariann,

My sister-in-law(husband’s sister)very rarely comments or “likes” pictures of my daughters that I post.  Everyone else on FB who is close to us acknowledges their pictures (and we don’t incessantly post them). I know she’s on FB a lot, by her own admission. Am I being too sensitive? Or am I right to feel snubbed?

From Heather via pfbe’s own submission page. 

Jealousy? Rivalry? Laziness? Politics or ego?!!!

This makes me wonder what family truly is in the first place. A like here and there, or something more?

Each person is teeming with a lot of intricacies. Like bacterian in the gut, those family who aren’t casing problems at the present time, may evolve into something more than something lurking in the the gut. If we each chose to live in isolation for a year, we’d still return to SNSs and social media desiring to know what everyone had been up to, and very likely wanting to live in the pockets of our nearest and dearest again.  Maybe this course of action c/would(!) periodically wipe out those relationships that are especially redundant and crap in our lives; people, animals, jobs and careers – I cannot imagine this entirely convincing though.

We actually need something unusual, even unexpected in our relationships, as a lot that goes on is merely a tokenism gesture  (‘happy bday to you’ posted to a wall), rather than the cultivation of a truly symbiotic, loving and healthy connection.

In short, give your sister-in-law a break, unless you imagine her reaction/lack of likes to be a true reflection of your daughter’s happiness, amusement and general muck-a-round. You think she minds if she’s liked or not?… nope.

As an aside, you might want to think very very very carefully about any images that you post of your family on Facebook and other social platforms; once these are ‘out there’, they are ‘out there’ forever and also the property of the platform they occupy. Lack of likes is one thing; safeguarding your own and others privacy quite another.

My other answer is this; feel snubbed, unlike all her posts and maybe after a few years post ‘happy bday’ on her wall again.

ps it is my Bday Monday, I would like a Like AND a post please. That is all.

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