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Tuesday 9th December, 2014

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Dear Dr Maz, 
I have discovered, through a series of misdirected Facebook communications, that there is a Canadian Courtesan (de Jour) who shares my second mistress’s name.

This week I’ve been reading her messages and looking at booking requests, including from some who are only-one-directed ‘celebrities’.

Previously I ignored such requests, but I wonder if you could suggest another approach?… 

Richard Day, via a Facebook ‘friend’ and a Poke (so old school). 

Dick, how intriguingly gendered of you. Yes set up a Facebook Fan Page in your (second) mistress’s honour and post five-star ratings of her abilities. I assume some of the following, professional tutoring; bi-lingual; scientist; oceanologist and so forth. Then reply; “Yes, she is free at the time you mention. There will be an exam. No Press. “

Hot Potatoes

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