Proper Facebook Etiquette

About this site

New rules for surviving the digitally connected world


Edison stumbled across a means to sound record during the fall of 1877 working on the telephone.  Edison put together a reproduction of sound. Facebook adds a reproduction of social.

This blog is composed as a guide to life; how the simplest of pleasures can become so hideously complex once they are mixed into our various daily activities. Why not just log off? Why not indeed? Perhaps because that ‘friend’ from those old school days has just got back in touch (I wonder what s/he’s doing now?), your father knows more about your life than is healthy and insists on writing on your Wall, or you live in a small radius of a wealth of interesting neighbours and yet none are your friends on Facebook…

So whilst we are all hooked up, plugged in and tuned out to technology, some things do not change. So it is here that the everyday machinations of what to do, when to do it and how/not to appropriately stay in touch are drawn together. If you are not suitably attune to etiquette, then you are not operating at full capacity to be a more comfortable, pleasant and happy person.